I am a photographer currently based in Amman, Jordan who loves travel, reading, and of course taking photos.

Following my Bachelors in Fine Art I felt disillusioned and didn’t make work for two years, instead travelling around the world, learning new languages and meeting new people. After a stop in the Middle East I remembered why I picked up a camera in the first place and started working again.

Group Exhibitions

  • Ph21 Gallery, Portraiture, Budapest Hungary, December 2016
  • F Stop Magazine, Love, Online January 2017
  • Lenscratch, Earth Day, online April 2017
  • Magnum Photos, Swap Shop, theprintspace London UK July 2017
  • Gulf Photo Plus, Behind the Portrait, Dubai UAE September 2017
  • Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, Shared Sacred Sites, Thessaloniki Greece, September 2017
  • Art on a Postcard, Photography on a Postcard, theprintspace,  London UK, October 2017

For all enquiries email [email protected]

To see what catches my eye, follow my Instagram @laramie_s

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